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Alien Adventure!

Happy New Year!

What a surprising start to the new year class 2 have had!

The children found a green visitor in class on the first day back at school!

An alien from an unknown planet and his name was Zoom. He came with a note explaining that he had been left behind by a spaceship. The note explained that he and his brothers had been left behind for being naughty aliens!

Class 2 decided that they must go on an alien hunt to find where the spaceship had landed and where Zoom’s brother’s might be hiding!

walk 1







We searched the school grounds for clues…..



Abe – “I have found part of the rocket booster from the spaceship.”  

Bryony – ” I have found the big red button!”


We found Zoom’s Alien brother’s, Zonic and Zog!

We gathered the evidence and went back to class. We created control panels to send the aliens back to space. We thought very carefully about what our buttons on our panels would do.

Charlotte: “The big red button cleans the spaceship because the aliens are very messy!”

photo c

 Alex: ” The big red button drops aliens to earth because they have been naughty!”

photo 1

Adam: “My big green button controls my control panel so the rocket can fly back into space.”

photo a


Our class 2 space adventure is to be continued ……







Welcome to Class 2!

Hello and welcome to our new class blog.  We are looking forward to meeting our new starters and our Year Ones! We have got an exciting term ahead of us full of action packed activities!!

Myself (Mrs Squires), Mrs Birnie and Miss Thistlethwaite can’t wait to see you all!

Are you excited about starting in Class Two?kr

See you on Monday